Analog Mixing

We usually mix through our analog SSL console and employ an array of outboard FX and processors to help shape your sound.

The classic console was secured several years ago and has been fully serviced by our Oxford based technician. It provides dynamics and eq on every channel as well as the famed 2 buss compressor on the master channel. 


This is connected to our Pro Tools HDX system, offering the latest in DAW technology and plug ins to provide the perfect blend of vintage and modern options for your mix. 

We’re always delighted to mix projects recorded in other studios or at home, so if you’d like to hear what we could do for your productions, give us a call.

For those on a budget we can also offer stem mixing, where we can treat your summed groups of drums, bass, guitar, vocals etc through the SSL console before printing the final mix back in to Pro Tools. 

This can provide width, warmth and depth to mixes while allowing some adjustments to the overall feel when needed.