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New Waves '21

Many of our favourite moments in the studio have been when inspiration sparks and ideas form, develop and soon evolve into fully formed songs. We're in it for the pure joy of it all.


With the New Waves project, we bring some of our favourite artists to Start Together to write with us. It's an opportunity to free them from any pressure we've seen building across our industry in the last fifteen months.   Together in our twinkling rooms, surrounded by our walls of musical instruments and inspiring sounds, we're digging straight to the core of why we do this, exciting and honest songs. 

With support from the Arts Council NI  Stability & Renewal Fund, we have been able to support the project to give us a little time to do what we do best, create. 

It's our hope to repeat this project every year, but for now we'll be sketching out some concepts, exploring ideas and realising some incredible moments with the following artists this year.

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