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Special Sessions for New Artists

As we continue to grow in experience and add to our mammoth collection of instruments, effects and recording equipment we always want to do our best to help brand new artists get the best possible studio experience and recording. No compromise on set up, no slap-dash approaches,

just professional, experienced support in a purpose built studio, with a passion and focus for your songs.

Here's a few projects we're running at the start of 2023.

We will be announcing a single date for our famed Ready to Roll session soon, but if you'd like to get in early, please use the contact form to make an enquiry.

This is a perfect session for young, new artists who have never recorded before. We have everyone play together, as normal to rehearsal as possible, before overdubbing vocals and mixing and mastering.

It's the perfect first step into band recording for original artists, a way to help you sound at your best, the way you play it. Previous sessions have birthed critical acclaim for TOUTS, Brand New Friend and Problem Patterns.

This is a good option for the next step after Ready To Roll. Perhaps you have a few songs and want to get a feel for your sound as you perform. It can be 4 songs, like 4 ready to roll singles, or you can spend some more time on sounds and performances. We're happy to offer assistance and advice and help you capture your first EP in a way that will help people connect with your music.

We'll be offering a small number of these throughout 2023.

We love spending time on your music, thinking about arrangements, performance, sounds, textures and layers. Single tracks can make their way onto radio, playlists, parties, DJ sets and more. When the time is right for you as an artist, you'll want to dedicate more time to each song. We want to make this dedication as affordable as possible, while still offering our world class studios, unique collection of instruments and equipment, and our positive attitude to making your song as incredible as it deserves to be. Spaces will be limited for this, so please get in touch if you'd like to discuss.

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