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Ready To Rule '21

Supported by Arts Council NI

In January 2021 we announced a special adaption of our long-running Ready to Roll recording sessions for brand new artists. 

We first launched the Ready to Roll sessions in response to young & inexperienced musicians needing the highest quality recordings to reflect their abilities, but often whilst having no income due to age or being at the first stage of their musical career. 

Across a number of years we set up our backline, booked bands in by the hour, and recorded & mixed debut recordings for artists including Brand New Friend, TOUTS, Patrick McEleney and many more. 

Across the years we have partnered with various festivals, promoters and organisations to enable the sessions to help different genres from folk, metal to rap and pop  artists. 

With Ready to Rule '21 we wanted to go further in-depth, allowing artists who were struggling with the impact of the pandemic to fulfil their highest ambitions in the studio. 

We opened applications and carefully listened, trying to pick the artists we thought we could help most within the constraints of the project parameters. 

As well as artists, we selected talented producers, best suited to helping different genres.  We paired them off and provided the studios rooms, instruments and recording equipment, giving them freedom, space & guidance while making brand new songs. 

It has been incredible to watch the artists realise their recordings, and use them to launch themselves back into the world as it emerges once again. 

Ready to Rule '21 included; Myles McCormack, Vendetta Dolls, JOCK, Bairie, Jonny Hammond, Utropiks, Zoe Alister, Ethan Hollan, Heartshaped, Rosegarden Funeral,  Hybrid Eclipse, The Vicunas and Space Shepherds. 

Producers were Ryan McGroarty, Niall Doran, Peter Brien & Rocky O'Reilly. 

The programme was supported by Arts Council NI and Department for Communities. Many thanks to ACNI for their assistance, advice and support.  

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