Ready To Rule '21

Supported by Arts Council NI

What is it?

Ready to Rule is the new incarnation of our popular "Ready To Roll" recording series, where we offer our world-class recording facilities and enthusiastic production approaches to new and emerging artists. 

How does it work? 

We are offering the opportunity for ten artists, bands or groups work with one of a team of producers to make one full production single to the highest possible standard. 

Who is it for? 

If you are an emerging artist based in Northern Ireland who is writing and releasing original music, this is for you. 

We already know we're going to be disappointed and frustrated that at this time we can only offer ten slots, one per artist.


When is it?

Applications opened in December 2020 and closed Jan 2nd 2021 at 12pm as notified here and on our social media platforms. Thank you to all who applied. We will contact everyone during the week of Jan 4th-8th 2021.

Recording sessions will take place in Jan & Feb 2021. 

What will the process be like? 

We will contact you and arrange an online, telephone or in person meeting with your producer. We'll need to hear a demo of the song. We'll talk about the approach, map out the plan. 

You will spend around two days recording & mixing. 

We have a full studio of instruments and recording equipment and a mixing studio. We will also provide mastering. 

Why are you doing it? 

2020 has shown us how important music is. It's sadly also shown how undervalued and misunderstood music can be in our country.  Quality has been vastly reduced as artists rightfully have taken to home recording, live streaming and other means of staying active. We want to ensure that next year music comes back stronger. Lower production values, makeshift set ups, reduced fees and degrading of the value of our art shall not be the new normal. 

We want to show our unique, personal care and attention to your music. After it's released, we want the world to feel the benefit of that love and enthusiasm. 

How do you pick the ten artists? 

We will look at all applicants equally. We will pick the artists that we think we can help the most. Whether that's by offering the best productions, helping them move forward no matter what stage of their career their at, or if they will gain a lot of knowledge, skills and improved attitude and enthusiasm from completing the programme. 

This is not a competition and is in no way a reflection on your music, talent or abilities. We definitely don't want to discourage anyone. We are a small group of passionate music producers and musicians who want to help. Please appreciate that if we could record every applicant, we would. 

Our decisions are final, but we are more than happy to talk to you about your application and explain our reasons. 

We enjoy talking in great detail about music, productions, approaches and best practices and we're always keen to chat to anyone who would like to make great recordings. 

What genres? 

All genres. We work with rock, pop, indie, rap, metal, punk, folk, trad, classical, EDM, techno, jazz, disco, house, prog, synthpop, ambient artists. We record genres that don't yet exist. 

We want the programme to reflect the vibrant and vast music community in Northern Ireland and we will do our best to ensure that everyone is represented. 

Am I an "emerging" artist? 

If you feel like your career is still progressing and there are creative or career based goals you would like to achieve and recording and producing with us at Start Together would be help you achieve this, then please apply. 


Are there any terms and conditions? 


Start Together Ready To Rule '21

1) Artists must be based in Northern Ireland, available to record on the dates we offer in Jan/Feb 2021. You must also have the means to send a live recording / demo / work in progress of your song.

2) Songs must be original.

3) All participants will follow health & safety & COVID guidelines set out by Start Together and also follow all government guidance relating to COVID-19. Failure to do so could result in cancellation of your project. 

3) Start Together has the right to decide who takes part in the programme based on a number of fair and reasonable factors outlined above. 

4) Tracks must be released by artist in 2021. You will publicly credit thanks to Arts Council NI and include logo on any suitable artwork. All tracks must appropriately credit producer and Start Together Studio. Any applicable song-writing or performance allocations due to the producer for their work on the project must be agreed in writing and properly allocated upon completion with the relevant organisations such as PRS/IMRO/PPL.

5) You will also give permission for Start Together to share your work for the purposes of PR, promotion and coverage of the project. 

6) All copyright and ownership of the recordings shall remain that of the artist.

7) All sessions must be produced or co-produced fully by Start Together. No "bit-part" recordings, no stems for further mixing & production elsewhere, no additional songs. 

8) We are a fair, equal and welcoming company. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Failure to act in a proper manner or mis-treat anyone will result in the cancellation of your project and replacement on the programme. 

9) All under 18's shall be accompanied by a responsible adult for all sessions. 

10) We reserve the right to change, alter or cancel the project at at time due to COVID restrictions or other unforeseen professional events. 

11) A written agreement outlining all terms will be issued ahead of commencement of project, which must be signed by Start Together & the artist.