Music Production & Recording

We appreciate that arranging and booking all the aspects of a recording can be a daunting task. 


That's why we are delighted to help you book studio time to best suit your project. We can also arrange the best producers & engineers working in Belfast and beyond to join your vision and help achieve your recording goals. 

We frequently work together with a number of Northern Irish based producers with experience in various genres, from pop to heavy metal, folk to jazz and trad to EDM. You can check out more about our peers on our Studio Team page. If you'd like to work with anyone in particular, let us know and we can arrange this. 

We can take your idea from a melody in your head, or a phone recording in your rehearsal room all the way through to a fully produced track, ready for the world to hear. 

We have three studios to suit all needs and budgets. 

Studio 1 houses seven drum kits, even more snare drums, around twenty classic and modern guitar and bass amplifiers, two pianos, electric piano, analog synths, organs, fx pedals, and various percussion. 

Studio 2 is filled with over a dozen classic analog synthesizers and an SSL 4032g/g+ analog mixing console, Pro Tools HDX, a vocal booth with API Channel Strip and a Studer 1/4" tape machine. 

Studio 3 is our writing / overdub studio: Available as part of a project for recording guitars, vocals and mixing when you need to get the best out of your budget but still experience what Start Together can offer. 

We can produce singles, EPs and albums. This can involve taking care of all the pre-production, preparations, helping with arrangements, finding sounds, hiring any additional musicians needed, scheduling, recording, mixing and mastering.


We can also record certain parts of your production, such as drums or vocals and we can provide you with the audio files to mix yourself elsewhere.


We like to work with all sorts of schedules and budgets. We can record everything from one song per week to a whole album in one day.

We have produced thousands of songs in many genres and are always excited to be a part of a new, exciting project. 


For more information or to talk further about your plans you can contact us HERE.