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Covid 19 Update  23/4/21

23rd April 2021.

We have now re-opened our recording, mixing and writing studios, recommencing sessions with some sensible limitations until further notice.

We can accommodate recording sessions in our main space for a maximum of six people, including producers and engineers. We would request that only essential personnel attend recording sessions at this time. 

We have a detailed cleaning, hygiene and distancing protocol in place throughout our facilities. A full clear 24 hours will be left before and after each different session. 

At this time visits, tours and in person project meetings are extremely limited. If you would like to discuss a project please contact us and we can arrange a chat about the best approach for your session. 

We graciously request your understanding if communications are slightly slower than normal during this time, as we adapt to a new reality while continuing to provide the best experience for our ongoing sessions. 

 Support for Musicians & Industry

As a part of the music community in Northern Ireland we have been concerned to see the worry, panic and difficulties facing so many of our friends and peers.

With all gigging, writing, recording and performing activities on hold, income streams and support networks for musicians and music professionals have ground to halt. 

We want our clients, friends and all musicians to know the places they can turn to for help at this time. 

If you have never applied for funding, support or help in the past, please let this be your first time. If you think it's not for you, you're not suitable, experienced enough or knowledgable enough then please let us and the organisations assist you in any way we can.

Please note that some schemes are opening/closing at different times and are subject to change. So please keep checking back and following updates from all organisations.

Don't give up hope.  

Below are cataloged details of support schemes that are running / have been running throughout 2020. Unfortunately some may now be closed. 

The Arts Council NI is opening a new emergency relief fund for individuals working in music & the arts on Dec 17th 2020 it closes on Jan 7th 2021. Anyone working in any aspect of music, from DJs, performers, writers, techs, touring crew, labels, managers, producers, engineers, tuners and more can apply. Please check the Arts Council NI website for up to date information. 

Other Support 2020




Help Musicians Coronavirus Hardship Fund

Who can apply?

Performers, composers/creators, those directly involved in the production of music, or those who work in a role where the main qualification is a high level of musical training

Individuals who are self-employed or currently unemployed

How much is available?

A one-off payment of £500 per person

How do I apply?

Via an online form. More information is available here.


Irish Music Industry COVID Relief Fund

Who can apply?

Irish (resident in Ireland or an Irish national) music creators, including songwriters, composers, performers, session musicians and arrangers

How much is available?

A one-off emergency relief payment of up to €750 EUR

How do I apply?

Via an online application form. More information is available here.


NI Creative Support Fund

Who can apply?

Artists Emergency Programme – this is open to musicians, performers and creative practitioners. Applications must demonstrate that funds will be used for the creation of works/projects that will support future public engagement.

How much is available?

Artists Emergency Programme – up to £5,000 per applicant

How do I apply?

Artists Emergency Programme – this requires an Expression of Interest form, a CV, a budget, and proof of previous experience of delivering work for the public benefit. More information is available here.




The Musicians’ Union Hardship Fund

Who can apply?

UK residents who are members of the Musicians’ Union or joint members of the Musicians’ Union and the National Education Union (NEU)

How much is available?

A one-off grant of £200 per person

How do I apply?

Via an application form on the Musicians’ Union website. More information is available here.


PRS for Music Emergency Relief Fund

Who can apply?

All PRS for Music members

How much is available?

Grants of up to £1000 per person

How do I apply?

Via an online application form. More information is available here.


PRS Foundation Sustaining Creativity Fund

Who can apply?

UK music creators experiencing hardship form loss of work due to COVID-19

The grant is to help music creators continue to create exceptional new music – this is not a hardship fund

How much is available?

Grants of £750 per person

How do I apply?

Read the guidance available and complete the online application form. More information is available here.



Freelancers and contractors

AIM Support Fund

Who can apply?

Contractors and freelancers working with artists signed to AIM member labels (e.g. tour crews, studio producers, mixing engineers, radio pluggers, graphic designers, stylists, photographers, publicists, and managers)

Applicants must not be eligible for any other music industry hardship funds

UK and Ireland nationals and residents

How much is available?

A fund of £1 million is available 

How do I apply?

You must be nominated for the fund by the AIM member that had contracted you for the lost work. More information is available here.


Crew Nation

Who can apply?

Members of touring or venue crews, both front of house and backstage staff,  who make 50% or more of their income from this field

How much is available?

A one-off grant equivalent to $1000 USD

How do I apply?

More information is available here.


Small Businesses

Small Business Grant Scheme

Who can apply?

Small businesses that already pay reduced business rates because of Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR)

How much is available?

A one-off grant of £10,000

How do I apply?

Via the NI Department for the Economy website. More information is available here.


Other useful information

Corona Musicians

This website lists a range of support and advice for musicians during the coronavirus period, including information on funding, legal and business advice, working online, mental health and other health matters.

Music Support and Thrive

The mental health charity Music Support has partnered with Thrive to provide 1,000 individuals with free access to wellbeing and mental health support.

Music & You

Music and You have created a number of resources to help us look after our wellbeing, including stress, anxiety and our mental health, during these times.

Meditation Courses

The Musicians’ Union is offering free online medication sessions to support the wellbeing of the music community during the pandemic.

Music Minds Matter

A free, confidential, around the clock helpline run by Help Musicians for the entire music industry. 

Music Support Helpline

A helpline for anyone in the music industry suffering from alcoholism, addiction, emotional or mental health issues.

Update: 4th May 2020: 


HMRC will today begin contacting customers who are eligible for the coronavirus Self Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS). Customers are also advised to go online to check their eligibility. The claims service will open 13 May. More info available here.


In addition, HMRC are hosting a webinar for an overview of the SEISS covering:

  • the aim of the scheme

  • who can apply

  • how much a person may be entitled to

  • how to apply for the scheme

  • what happens after following an application

  • other support available.

The webinar will be hosted over a number of days and individuals can choose their preferred time and date here

Update: 6th May 2020: 

A new micro business hardship fund has announced £40million for NI's smallest businesses. Details of who is eligible and how to apply will be announced soon. 


There is also comprehensive advice on health, mental well-being, financial support and more here:

We have shared the pain and confusion of many of our talented friends as musicians appear to be susceptible to failing through the gaps of the traditional measures of support offered by the government.


We want you to know that during this frustrating and frightening time of isolation, we are here for you and that everyone in the music community is feeling the same as you. 

There are a number of social media groups who are pulling together.

Please visit our social profiles. Interact with us and others, comment, share and engage. It will be great to hear from you. 

This page has been set up quickly and will be updated with more information on an ongoing basis. 

Thank you. 

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