Studio 1


Based in Belfast Cathedral Quarter, Studio 1 is our main recording facility with two live rooms and a control room. This studio houses over 15 Guitar and Bass amps , 6 Six Drum kits, 9 Snare Drums, 15 keyboards and Synths, Over 40 Microphones and racks of world class Microphone Pre-amps to ensure we can always find the sound you are looking for.

Studio 2

Analog Mixing

This is our main mixing room, equipped with a 32 channel SSL G4032/G+. This classic console combined with a modern DAW and hand selected ADA converters gives us incredible flexibility without compromising in sound. This studio houses a 7′ x 8′ vocal booth avail

Studio 3


Just Across the hall from Studio 2, Studio 3 is our writing and mixing room. Tailored for producers and engineers working on a tighter budget. This studio in the heart of the city centre, lets you cut off from the world and get immersed in your project whether it's for one day or something more long term.