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Mastering is the final step in the creative process before music is ready for release. Most often it involves attention to overall volume, dynamic and presentation.  

There are many processes and approaches to mastering. 

Part of this involves experience. We have delivered thousands of masters for artists, labels and broadcast. We have a treated room and great monitoring system along with a hybrid of analog and digital processing to deliver high quality, modern masters for digital release and streaming. 

The other side of mastering is having another person, sensitive to the needs and motivations of your project to act as quality control and to maintain perspective on the final output. 

We are delighted to do this for your projects. 

When you require vinyl mastering services, or we wish to collaborate on mastering for the productions we make, we delight in recommending Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering

We have a decade long relationship with Robin, collaborating on our largest projects for the reasons mentioned above. 

We are happy to discuss the best approach for your project. 

You can book Mastering for digital releases and streaming here. 

or contact us to discuss further. 

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