Recording & Production

We appreciate that arranging and booking all the aspects of a recording can be a daunting task. 


That's why we are delighted to help you book studio time to best suit your project. We will also arrange the best producers & engineers working in Belfast and beyond to join your vision and help achieve your recording goals. 

We frequently work together with a number of Northern Irish based producers with experience in various genres, from pop to heavy metal, folk to jazz and trad to EDM. You can check out more about our peers on our Studio Team page. If you'd like to work with anyone in particular, let us know and we can arrange this. 

Below are some of the most common types of recording sessions we arrange. Every session is unique, so if you'd like to discuss something, get in touch here

Debut EP Deal

Exclusive sessions for brand new artists. We provide a full studio backline set up and ready to roll. 3 tracks can be recorded, mostly live with vocals and minimal overdubs followed by mix and mastering.

Full Prodution Single

After booking we'll have a pre-production consultation, demo listening, session planning, usually followed by a full day or two in Studio 1 and a full day of mixing in Studio 2  on our classic SSL console, with mastering following that. Perfect for a single to make a big impact.

Deluxe Album Package

Give yourself time to really make the album of your dreams with 20 days, which can be configured between recording and mixing to really suit your project.  With this level of project, your producer will practically join the band for the duration, if you want them to!  

DIY Artist Single

Achieve high quality, exciting results, even when budgets are tight. 

Our equipment and experience will help make the right choices and apply best engineering practice to help you achieve your aims for an enjoyable, exciting recording session for your next single.

Full Production EP

An expanded version of the full single production to allow up to four songs to be produced. This is usually around six to eight days. We'll work together to make the best choices for your EP or collection of singles. 

Drum Recording

Make use of our vast collection of drum kits, snare drums, microphones, pre amps, outboard and of course our rooms. We can record you playing, or provide a session drummer for your songs. We can usually record 3-4 songs in a half day session. Get in touch for more information.

DIY Artist EP

Record up to four songs in our main studio during two or three full days recording. This is usually followed by a full day or two of mixing & mastering in Studio 3. 

Full Production Album

A further expansion of our full service production, mix and master. It's usually between ten and fifteen days for recording and mixing. This allows time for a well prepared album to really sound special. 

Vocal Recording

Take advantage of our controlled rooms and incredible vocal chains featuring classic mics, from the renowned Shure Sm7b to our high-end Wunder Audio CM7 valve condenser. Channel strips by Neve, API, Avalon & Chandler with outboard compressors by Urei and  Empirical Labs and more.