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Music Production & Recording Sessions

We would be delighted to discuss your project plans, offer advice and provide options.

Making a new recording is our favourite part of music. It's a magical and creative time when collective ideas and inspiration combine to form something new and truly unique.

This energy drives our obsession to provide the best possible environment for musicians to explore and record in. 


We appreciate that arranging and booking all the aspects of a recording can be a daunting task. 

We will be delighted to help you pick the best options for your project and for your budget. 

We have three studios: 

Studio 1 contains a unique, vast array of drums, guitars, amps, fx pedals, pianos, microphones & recording equipment. Multiple live rooms and personal headphone mixers make it the perfect place for full group recordings.


Studio 2 is our analog mixing & production studio. It features a classic SSL4000 g series mixing console, a large collection of synthesisers by Moog, Arp, Roland, Korg and more. It's perfect for electronic music, vocal sessions & mixing. 

Studio 3 is our writing and production space. It's perfect for engineers & self-producing artists to rent on daily, longer or ongoing sessions.

We aim make each session unique and tailor the approach in a way that will best serve your songs.


Our spaces, huge collection of recording equipment and our obsession with music provide the perfect support to assist you when planning or enquiring about recording your project. 

We only want the best possible outcomes for you and your music. We're always happy to offer advice on the best approach for your project



Some of the ways we can advise & assist when needed include: 

Arranging Producer.

Arranging engineer and/or assistant engineers.

Booking Session musicians.

Arranging Piano tuning.

Session scheduling & budgeting.

Pre-Production rehearsals.




Session preparation.

Equipment set up.

Drum tuning. 

Creative sonic choices.



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