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Studio 1

Based in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter on the first floor of the Oh Yeah Music Centre. 

We have a spacious control room filled with fx, synths & outboard.


The studio also houses many drums, amplifiers and instruments in our multiple live rooms and recording spaces. 

We have developed and updated this space lovingly over the years to provide a comfortable, 

exciting and unique setting for artists to create and perform the best music they can. 


Our main live room has acoustically treated areas for focused, punchy drum recordings, a "dead" corner for vocal 

recording and a balanced, focused room sound for acoustic instruments and amplifiers. 

Live room 2 is our "wood room" An unusual shape with wooden angled walls, it provides a live, 

loud room sound for recording percussion or acting as an "echo chamber" for things recorded in 

our main live room. 


We also have smaller rooms which can act as booths for guitar cab isolation and we have access and tie lines to a 3 storey concrete stairwell, tiled bathroom and a few more alternative brick spaces for natural ambience. 


The studio runs Pro Tools HDX with a wide range of pre amplifiers & microphones and personal headphone monitoring, making it perfect for full band live recordings as well as overdubbing processes. 

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