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Ready To Roll

If you are a brand new artist hoping to make your debut recording, but you're young or experiencing financial hardships, we have a special offer to help get your recording career started. 

We've been building up our recording studios for over a decade, adding classic instruments, microphones and amplifiers. We remember starting out and we want to help you take that first step. 

We've helped a number of artists in the early stages of their recording careers, when band members are still in school, and professional recording costs are unachievable. TOUTS, Brand New Friend and Problem Patterns are just a few of the artists that we've helped give a friendly boost right at the start of their amazing stories. We believe in music.


With the right care and attention we know your songs could be the start of an amazing life in music, and we want to help that. 


We have a few options for Ready To Roll: Single recording, EPs of 3-4 songs. Both cost around the same and take around 4-5 hours of recording. We set up a backline of our incredible drums, bass and guitar amps and prepare them before your arrival. From there we record the instruments live before overdubbing vocals and putting together the mixes and masters. 

We make a couple of these sessions available each month and reserve the right to tell you if we think its not the best fit, sonically or creatively for your project. We will only undertake the project if we think success can be achieved in the time frame. 

Finally, once or twice a year we run very special Ready To Roll sessions, where we prepare the entire studio and give artists 

"60 minutes to make it" with one hour per song. This saves on set up time and condenses the process, but gives an extremely solid foundation as an introduction to professionally recording your music. Please follow our social media for news on upcoming 60 minute sessions. 

To make the best of this scenario we recommend being extremely well rehearsed and well prepared for your session. Be on time, have an idea of what you want and be ready to capture the energy and message of your music.


If you feel this is a perfect fit, please fill in the application form above and we will be in touch. Please enjoy some tracks that have been during Ready To Roll sessions.  

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