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Start Together Studio Belfast. Est 2007

Start Together began in 2007 as a collective of musicians and engineers, searching for freedom and creative inspiration. We wished to achieve this without needing to leave our hometown in order to make the albums of our dreams. 


Early years were spent learning, growing and expanding. 

Now as we begin our eighteenth year, the setup has grown to three studio facilities boasting a mammoth collection of vintage and modern instruments and recording equipment with a range of options to suit all needs and budgets. 


Our studios have hosted thousands of sessions, recording, mixing and mastering albums, EPs, singles and live sessions for artists, writers, labels and broadcasters from across the world. From international legends to artists making their debut recordings, we bring the same level of excitement, commitment and energy into every session. 

We are immersed in music and sonics, creatively rewarded and forever inspired.  

We remain here in Belfast to help share that feeling. 




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