Mixing Sessions

We regularly mix recordings from other studios, producers and self-recording musicians.

We have mixed thousands of songs over the last thirteen years in all genres from pop, rock, hiphop, EDM, folk, trad, acousitc, metal, punk, hardcore to ambient, choral and orchestral.

We have a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. By discussing your project, helping you organise your files and picking the best approach, we can make the most of out of your recordings. 

4-8  hour session per song

Mixing & Mastering

Pro Tools Mixing in Studio 3. A purpose built room with great monitoring and modern technology to mix your sessions with attention to detail and lots of creativity. Mastering, if required, is included when mixing with us.

4- 8 hour session per song

Analog Mixing

Highest quality analog mixing in Studio 2 with our classic SSL 4000 g/g+ console, Pro Tools HDX Ultimate and a collection of outboard equipment. With enough time to prepare, mix, balance, experiment and fine tune your songs for the best results. Mastering included if required.

1-2 hours per song

Analog Stem Mixing

We can print your stem mixes through our analog console, applying EQ, dynamics and the classic 2 buss SSL compressor. We can also record to analog tape for thick, warm sonics before mastering. Prices vary depending, please contact us to discuss your project in detail.