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Major Upgrades in Studio 1

We're delighted to have completed some major work to our control room in studio 1.

We've added many channels of outboard. We now have an enviable selection of front end pre amps and channel strips:

AEA RPQ3 (2 Channels)

AMS-Neve 1073 x 6

AMS-Neve 8801 x 2

API 3124 (4 Channels)

API The Channel Strip

Avalon 737 x 2

Chandler TG Channel Strip,

Chandler TG2 (2 channels)

Chandler Germanium x 2

Focusrite ISA428 (4 Channels)

Sytek MPX4aii (4 Channels)

Universal Audio 2-610 (2 Channels)

These join forces with our outboard dynamics:

Empirical Labs Distressor x 2

Universal Audio 1176 LN x 2

Urei LA4 x 2

Outboard FX:

EMT 140 Plate Reverb

Maestro Echoplex EP3

Roland DC 50 Chorus & Echo

Roland Re201 Tape Echo

Everything is now racked and patched via our new Bantam TT patch bay and repositioned within the newly decorated control room, making sessions feel more spacious and comfortable forever.

These updates are added to our vast collection of microphones, instruments, amplifiers and FX pedals to make for some truly incredible sonic creative options.

To stay up to date and see some of our new & old favourites in action, check out our Instagram

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