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Studio 1,2 & 3 equipment updates 2024


We're always obsessing, adjusting and adding to our set up. here's what we've got going on across the 3 studios: That's right, we have 3 studios and we've recently found out that we haven't been talking enough about them!

We've felt very fortunate to be able to achieve the set up, choices and sonics that we can now offer here in our Belfast studios. Many items of our dreams have now become our daily reality, making life easier, more enjoyable and sonically much better than we ever thought possible.

Studio 1:

Our main tracking space, based in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter has seen major updates in the last 12 months, with a complete re-wire, huge equipment upgrades and redecoration. Here's (most of) what's current!


Now offering a choice of over 60 microphones including some incredible recent additions and old favourites:

Neumann U87ai (x2) Royer r121 (x2) DPA 4006 (x2) AEA R88 (Stereo) Wunder Audio CM7 (Valve)

Neumann u47 fet, Josephson e22s (x3) (Steve Albini designed drum mics) AKG c414 b-uls (x2)

Sennheiser MD421 (x4) Sennheiser MD441 (x3) Beyer M88, M201 & M160, Shure Sm7b, Solomon Sub Kick and many, many more.


We've gone wild on outboard.

We've finally completed our pre amp collection, offering thick, creamy, punchy and rich sonic options for all your favourite microphones!

We now have

6 x Neve 1073 channels,

2 x Neve 8801 channel strips,

2 x Avalon 737,

2 x Universal Audio 610,

4 x API 312,

4 x Focusrite ISA110,

4 x Sytek,

2 x AEA Rpq3,

2x Chandler TG,

2x Chandler Germanium,

1x Chandler TG Channel Strip,

1x API The Channel Strip

In addition to these we've got

2 x Universal Audio 1176

2 x Empirical Labs Distressor EL8

2 x Urei LA4

And for more unusual outboard FX choices we've got:

EMT 140 Plate

Roland Re201 Space Echo

Roland DC-50 chorus / echo

Maestreo EP4 Echoplex tape echo

Add in 50+ pedals including Moog, Earthquaker Devices, Electro Harmonix, Fender, Digitech, Fulltone, Line6, Maestro and many more.

We have 12+ guitars including Fender Stratocaster, Jaguar, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Gibson Les Paul, Gretsch, G&L, Taylor and more.

20+ amplifiers including Fender Twin, Blues Jnr, Vox AC30, AC15, Marshall JMP, Roland JC120,

Ampeg v4, Burmann 4000, Selmer Treble n Bass 30, Peavey 6505+, Ampeg Gemini II, Orange AD30 and more.

7 drum kits by Gretsch, Mapex, Hayman, Rogers, Pearl and Tama, 13 snare drums including Ludwig Black Beauty, Supraphonic and Jazz Festival, Mapex Black Panther, Worldmax, Pearl FF, Premier, Pearl vintage, AVA, Yamaha and more.

Added to all of the above are all the little extras to make recording smooth, enjoyable, experimental and comfortable. Everyhting from new drum hardware, drum tuners, dampners, sizzlers & percussion to guitar tuners, cables, re-amp boxes, ebows & slides. Two pianos, organs, Fender Rhodes, analog synths and more. And even more! Individual headphone mixers, the best analog to digital converters, Pro Tools HDX, a million fairy lights and oil diffusors to get everyone feeling relaxed, focused and ready to roll!

The studios are perfectly set up for live group recording, overdub sessions, single recording, album sessions, drum session, whatever you may need to help make your recordings come to life, shine sonically, or get weird when you need them to.

STUDIO 2: Mixing, Additonal Production, Mastering & More!

Our mix & production studio in Weaver's Court has been a secret sleeper of a facility it seems.

It offers unparalleled options for mixing, synthesizers and vocal production anywhere on this island and much further afield.

The studio is centered around a classic Solid State Logic 4000 g/g+ series analog mixing console.

Monitoring is taken care of with ATC SM25a's & Yamaha Ns10s with a specialist Trinnov room correction system, which has been a total game changer for us, even after extensively treating the room in recent years.

The vocal chain is now an ear-delighting line up of a Telefunken ELAM 251 E valve condenser microphone, AMS Neve 1073 pre/eq, Tubetech CL1b compressor & a newly installed Morbin c76a fet compressor/driver unit.

The studio also boasts an impression collection of FX including Roland Re201 Space Echo, Homegrown Audio Spring Reverb, Dynachord echocord valve tape echo, 30+ classic & boutique guitar pedals by Earthquaker Devices, Flux FX, Alexander, Game Changer Audio, Gibson/Maestro, Ibanez, MWFX, Dr. Scientist, Grainger FX, Hologram, Keeley and many more.

It's also decked with some truly sensational synthesizers including, Moog One 16 voice, Moog MiniMoog Model D, Moog Prodigy, Moog Voyager, ARP2600, Korg Ms20, Korg Mini 700fs, Roland sh101, sh2, sh3a, Juno 60, ARP Solina String Ensemle, Jen SX1000, Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar and lots more special and unique instruments.

The studio also shares a modest collection of right handed guitars with studio 3, including Dipinto, Ibanez and Tokai guitars together with amps including Roland JC40 and VOx AC15.

There's also a cupboard full of unique percussion and a few racks of classic 70s & 80s reverbs, echoes and more.

It's a comfortable, airconditioned space running Pro Tools HDX and Logic Pro when you need it.


Our third studio is tucked across the hall from studio 2, offering an immersive experience for producers, self-producing musicians and vocal, production & mix sessions that might face budgetary challenges. It has an excellent vocal booth, monitoring by Adam, a monitor controller

for plugging your interace into, and an SSL2+ if needed. There's a selection of great vocal mics

including AKG c414, Shure Sm7b, Sennheiser MD421 and Wunder Audio CM7fet, access to guitars, amplifiers, percussion and a few analog synths including Roland se-02 and more.

It's currently available two days per week for short terms / daily booking and also available for

two days on a long-term basis from June 2024. If you'd like more information, please get in touch!

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