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Studio update 2024

Thanks for stopping by. We've been keeping busy in so many sessions since June 2023 and our "quarterly" updates have been neglected.

Here are only some highlights from the last twelve months:

BBC 6 Music broadcast The Steve Lamacq show LIVE from our control room in studio 1, featuring a live performance from Ash, performing in the Oh Yeah Centre.

Studio owner Rocky O'Reilly appearing at Output Festival Belfast 2023, talking about producer / artist relationships.

We've helped kickstart a new online series of interviews & chats with NI musicians called Crank It NI, hosted by Amy Porter and live now on Spotify.

Recording The Ulster Orchestra for a new performance by Conor Mitchell and The Belfast Ensemble.

Electronic producer Chipzel taking up residence in Studio 3, working on mind-bending new music, soundtracks and collaborations on an ongoing basis.

Great sessions with HAVVK, Maria Kelly, Lemonade Shoelace, Slomatics, Susi Pagel, Parker, Affection to Rent, Morgana, Blue Violet, Post Last, Dark Tropics, Nathan Connolly, Nina Hain, Beyond Skin, The All Clear, Lord Jane, Problem Patterns, Lauren Ann, Tramp, Zlatanera, The Wood Burning Savages, Beauty Sleep, Birthday Problem, Manuka Hunney, Snow Patrol, Taylor Lally, Von Loop, Esmerelda Road, Cairo Station, Eric Bell, Makeshift Artbar, Dearest, Monday's Child, The Marra, The Capris, Civil Simian, Lauren White, The Thing Is, The Gold Tips, Daniel Boylan, Liam Carlin, Moon Landing, Birches, Wohn, Oisin and many, many more coming soon!

Check our other posts for details on the latest equipment and set ups in all of the studios, and just some of the new services we're offering moving forward.

We hope you're doing well, buzzing off your music and making new songs. We're always here to help in any way that we can. We're happy to have a chat, tell you what we think will best serve

your song and try our best for you. If you'd like to go over any ideas or make some music, we'd love to hear from you.


Rocky & all at Start Together.

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