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Start Together. 15+ years of recording.

We made our first recording in the summer of 2007. During an extensive search for a local studio that could allow him to self-produce his band's second album, Rocky O'Reilly caught a glimpse of what is now studio 1 on a BBC Music show ATL TV. The studio space featured on a

tour of the soon to be opened Oh Yeah Music Centre. The next day Rocky called Stuart Bailie

at the Oh Yeah Centre and with lots of enthusiasm it was agreed he could move in and commence recording. The weeks turned to months and soon after a long terms lease was agreed, as the amount and stature of projects began to grow.

And somehow, in a flash, we've properly missed our 15th anniversary. In recent years there's been a lot of uncertainty, panic and pain. But overall, we feel lucky and honoured to still be here.

We opened to serve the local and national music scenes, with dreams of enticing our favourite artists to visit Belfast and record. Every dream has come true, with new ones forming regularly.

Easily our worst skill is boasting, sharing news and updating you all on big events.

Hopefully this new blog and our quarterly newsletters will change that, until we find a new snare drum, microphone or song to obsess over.

A frantic session set up in our first year, Dec 2007.

Studio 1 Live Room, 2023.

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