Studio 2 

 Equipment List


Solid State Logic 4032 g/g+ mixing console with Ultimation and Total Recall. 

28 mono channels + 4 stereo



ARP Quartet

Arturia Microbrute

Hammond Organ 

Jen SX1000 

Korg ARP 2600

Korg Ms20 

Korg Ms2000b

Mellotron M4000d Mini

Moog Grandmother 

Moog Minimoog Model D

Moog One (16 Voice)

Moog Prodigy

Nintendo Gameboy w/ Nanoloop Synth Cartridge

Roland Jp8000 

Roland Juno 60 

Roland Sh3a

Roland Sh101 

Stylophone x2

Teenage Engineering Op1

DAW / Monitoring 

Pro Tools HDX 

Lynx Aurora 16 LT-HD x 2 (32 i/o)


Audio-Technica M50x Headphones







Yamaha NS-10s

Trinnov ST2 Correction System

Headphones: Audio Technica m50x




AMS Neve Ltd 1073 Channel

Dynacord - Echocord Super Valve Tape Echo

Homegrown Devices Spring Ting Reverb

Lexicon PCM80

Roland Re201 Space Echo - Tape Echo

Roland DEP-3

Roland SDE330 Delay

Roland SDE-3000A Delay

Roland SRV330 Reverb

Roland SRV3030 Reverb

Tubetech CL1b Compressor

Yamaha Rev 5 Reverb

Yamaha SPX990 


Dipinto Belvedere Deluxe (Left Handed)

Dipinto Mach IV (Left Handed) 

Taylor e22 Acoustic (Left Handed) 

Tokai Les Paul

Hofner Bass Guitar

Ibanez Bass Guitar


AKG c414

Electro Voice Re20 

Telefunken ELA M251 E (check for avail)